Moving Experiences

Elaine Muray from Embodied Voice Story Arts

2020: Weber State University Storytelling Festival, Performer

2017-2020: Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens, annual performance of the stories of La Fontaine for the Le Chandeleur Festival

2018: 5-week school tour of Chile and Peru

2018: National Storytelling Network Showcase

2017: 4-week school tour in China and South Korea

2017: Stone Soup Storytelling Festival (SC), New Voice Performer

2017: Grapevine Storytelling Series (Takoma Park, MD), Performer

2016: Story Crossroads Festival (UT), Performer

2015: 5-week school tour of Colombia

2013 and 2012: Jemez Storytelling Festival (NM), Performer

2012: Northlands Storytelling Conference (WI), Performer and Workshop Leader

2012: Three Rivers Storytelling Festival (PA), Performer

2010: National Storytelling Conference, Regional Concert

2010: Ojai Storytelling Festival (CA), Ventura County Performers Concert

2008: National Storytelling Conference, All Regions Concert, Pacific Region Performer Selection

2005: Australian Storytelling Festival, Performer and Workshop Leader